If we can hit our target by the end of the summer term, we can start building.

The Prep celebrates its centenary in 2019. To mark this milestone and to help prepare for our next 100 years, we plan an exciting new addition to our campus.

The Centenary Centre will provide a new heart for The Prep. Not only will the new building house teaching – Science, Art, Maths, English – it will also have an inspiring central space, which will serve as a library and café - somewhere for The Prep community to gather.

This development is firmly based on a vision for how education should be. In particular, we believe it will give Years 6, 7 and 8 a greater sense of maturity and responsibility.

The Campaign – Though the school will fund the lion's share of the costs, we cannot turn this dream into reality without the generosity of our parents and friends.

2 mins to set the scene