Creative Learning Centre

We plan to create a new space with the dual aims of encouraging the children to be even more creative and to develop a love of reading.

Helpful feedback

We started out with a grand design to create a whole new building. But the more we considered this and the more feedback we received from parents and OBs, the clearer it became that we could achieve our aims with something more cost-effective that still has a 'wow factor'.

With the Centenary Pitch now completed, the Creative Learning Centre is our focus. Please help us make it a reality.

An innovative conversion

As you can see, the project comprises an innovative conversion of an area of the 1933 Building, which is currently used for changing rooms. So what happens to the changing rooms?

An extra benefit

As part of the overall project, we will convert part of the Sports Hall to house attractive, modern changing facilities – another big win from the Centenary Campaign.