2019 – our Centenary year – is on the horizon…

We plan to mark this milestone by creating two transformational projects for Brambletye pupils now and into the future.

Brambletye has raised money for key projects in the past. The Theatre, Sports Hall and the Blencowe building were all only possible thanks to people's generosity. Now we face our biggest ever fundraising challenge: to raise £1.5M towards our two centenary projects.

One Campaign: two transformational projects

An all-weather pitch – A facility that has been on our “wish list” for years now – a playing surface and arena to give sports at Brambletye a massive boost, both in terms of confidence and opportunity.

Creative Learning Centre - A split-level conversion of part of 1933 Hall to provide an iconic home for art at Brambletye – complete with 21st century library beneath.


Some people think of themselves as creative, others do not. That's a pity. Because being creative matters whatever you do – artist, actor, designer, doctor, banker, Prime Minister. We all need vision.

Children are born naturally creative. Enlightened education fosters this; unenlightened education squashes it. Brambletye has long encouraged and nurtured creativity in its pupils – this is one of the most important aspects of the school.

We are not alone in caring deeply about children's creativity: others feel the same. For a fascinating and entertaining look at the issue do check out 'Sir Ken Robinsons TED talk.


Children need to develop the habit of reading before their teens, or they will not be readers.

And in a modern day life filled with touch screens and super-fast media, the art of being still and absorbing the written word is becoming harder for our children.

We believe that a good library is more essential to a child’s holistic education now than ever before. It is not the quantity or presence of information, as much as the space and the place. An oasis of calm in which our pupils can slow down, focus and reflect.


Sport is a vital part of School life: letting off steam, staying fit, developing skills, learning about teamwork, sportsmanship, winning and losing… children gain so much from it. Yet, here in the UK, the weather, the light, the mud are often against us.

We believe the creation of an all-weather pitch will change the face of Brambletye sport. It will be a facility that will bring benefits to every single child in the School, as well as to the wider community as a whole.