1918-2018: A huge milestone has arrived. Bickley Park School has completed its first centenary. So we are planning something big…


Why does the school need to fundraise?

School fees cover the day to day running of the school and its general maintenance. Donations by members of the school community will supplement funds set aside by the school and enable us to deliver a fantastic Performing Arts Centre.

Will the campaign reach everyone?

Yes. Although we will initially focus on securing some cornerstone donations, our campaign will reach everyone involved in Bickley Park - parents, alumni and friends. This will be a huge, joint community effort.

How will my donation be used?

Bickley Park School is a registered charity and your donation will be held in a ring-fenced account for the Performing Arts Centre project. It will then be used to help with the construction costs when we are ready to build. If, for any reason, we are not able to go ahead with this project, we will find an alternative way of investing in development to benefit the boys, though we would, of course, offer to refund you in the first instance.

Does this development mean the school will grow?

The school is growing and this gives us the confidence to plan ahead and invest. However, staying at a manageable size, which fosters a sense of community, is critically important to us. So we do not intend to change our three-form entry into Reception and up to Year 6, nor our two-form entry at Years 7 and 8.

Will the construction work be disruptive?

The most disruptive work will take place during the holidays and all of the work will be carried out safely within a sealed-off compound. Deliveries of materials will be timed to cause minimum disturbance.

How will the new Performing Arts Centre benefit the local community?

One of our centenary aims is to forge stronger links with the local community. By having a venue which can seat an audience of 300+ we will be able to invite members of the local community into the school, on occasions, to enjoy concerts, plays, visiting speakers and art exhibitions.

How do I give?

You can make a pledge online, by email or verbally and we will then send you the details you need in order to convert this into an actual donation - either a one-off, or phased over a number of years.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

No. Indeed the supporting the campaign is voluntary. We are simply hoping that people will give at a level that feels comfortable to them. We have also set out a table of suggested donation levels in our campaign brochure.

Will I receive any form of recognition for my donation?

We have a list of naming options (see the campaign brochure). We also plan to list donors on a donor panel in the foyer of the new building. Of course, we will respect the wishes of anyone who would like to remain anonymous.